Because of the ever-changing technologies that take place in today’s lighting industry, it is more important than ever to have a distribution partner who understands the differences between one product and another. CED is that kind of partner. Possessing the expertise, knowledge and ability to bring your business a cost effective solution, we have the skill and experience to help you overcome any lighting issue you may encounter.

Our lighting specialist will help with your retrofit needs and save money by performing a complete lighting audit in conjunction with a proposed photometric layout, a breakdown of energy usage at the existing level as well as at a proposed level. In addition, our lighting specialist will show you how to participate in local, state and national rebate programs.

The evolution of Solid State Lighting is sweeping the industry with LED’s clearly leading the charge. However, newer long life fluorescents, halogens and many other technologies have been greatly improved; thereby helping to reduce energy consumption while at the same time, providing a much better lighting source than at any other time in history. The team at CED is dedicated to meeting your lighting needs, plus we are committed to providing the answers related to the newer and more advanced technologies.