Construction Services

We at CED are fully aware of the process involving the constructing of a new store, as it entails a tremendous amount of time and details. Given our 54 years of experience and our nearly 600 locations, no matter where your construction site is located and no matter how large the scale, we are here to support you through all your construction requirements. As you prepare for the constructing of your new store, our construction services include everything from planning, project designs, technical expertise, resources and budgeting.

  • High Tech Designs: Our team of certified lighting experts will help you with every aspect of your project design including effective lighting, efficient energy consumption all the way through to the most up to date technology regardless of the size or scale of the project.
  • Meeting Your Required Schedules: Our Project Managers can work with you at any location, plus we are equipped to work with your architects, contractors, electrical engineers and your own project managers. Not only will we assure you that materials are delivered on time and within budget, but in addition, we will answer any of your most pressing questions, we’ll package your shipments in a timely manner and we’ll meet your required schedule and requests.
  • Creating a Plan: We will conduct a study of your needs to be sure that we support the accurate placement and proper lighting for your store making sure it meets with all your requirements. In fact, each drawing we design is tailored to your specific and precise specifications.

Energy Conservation

In today’s world, everyone is aware of the importance of energy conservation, as it is a major issue in our nation. We help you make the right decisions for your environment by providing the most up-to-date technology. For example, we will demonstrate different energy saving programs as well as labor-intensive savings. We will also conduct retrofit consultations and audits that address energy savings, as well as various and newer materials. Be assured, you will reach your goals without sacrificing the performance of your store or the appeal of your visual desire.

Lighting Replacement

Our dedicated team is available to achieve everything that can help you meet the distinctive lighting needs of your store or environment. With over 600 locations across the country, we are in a position to guarantee a quick response to all your lighting replacement needs regardless of the scope or size of the project. Above and beyond providing a tailored plan as well as accommodating your order options, we are here to help pave the way for your successful lighting replacement project. In addition to having access to the most advanced lighting products from hundreds of manufacturers, we are able to conduct product research for any challenging replacement lighting projects. And because of our go green mentality, we will also guide you in rebate compliance activities.

Maintenance Services

In keeping with our objectives, CED specializes in electrical repair and maintenance. Regardless of the issue, whether it involves a lighting maintenance program or an electrical repair service, our experienced team of experts can develop an on-going service solution that fits your budget and your needs. We’ll start by developing a plan that includes overseeing any issues you may have in addition to making sure to lower your costs. We’ll even keep you abreast of any actions or issues that may require immediate attention. If you’re in the market for maintenance service, we not only have everything you need, but our SIR philosophy of service, integrity and reliability assures you of being treated as our most important client.

When you’re ready to make your selection for any of our services, CED is here to provide every type of lighting, electrical enhancement or maintenance you could possibly require. To speak with one of our experts, you may contact us at To learn more about CED feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries and we will respond promptly to your inquiry.